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Smart Vent System in Sacramento, CA

Smart Vent allows temperature control is no longer limited to the thermostat. You can open and shut these app enabled vents from your phone, or let their temperature and pressure sensors automate based on your preferences. Ideally, this will allow you to save money by closing off rooms when they're not in use, focusing heat toward the living room during the evening, for example, or the bedroom at night.

Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc also provides heating & air conditioning repair, replacement & maintenance service to Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Folsom and surrounding areas.

What is a Smart Vent?

Smart vent fresh air and cooling system works with your existing heating and air system to circulate filtered outdoor air throughout the home. The smart vent monitors the indoor and outdoor temperatures to add natural cooling to your home when conditions are favorable.

How Smart Vents Work

The Smart Vent controller monitors indoor and outdoor temperature and determines when the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature by an adjustable difference of 4°-10° F. When conditions are appropriate, Smart Vent turns on the furnace fan and activates a vent damper, allowing cool, fresh air to flow into the home traveling through your existing ducts and filter system. The stale air being replaced in your home is directed into your attic, reducing heat build-up.

Smart Vents
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We Service and Repair Smart Vents & Zoning

The Smart Vent retrofits existing floor, wall, and ceiling air vents, then wirelessly connects to your home network. The vents communicate with each other, as a Smart Vent System, to regulate airflow in rooms too hot, too cold or not in use for most of the day. Call Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc about smart vent repair for your Sacramento home at (916) 332-7300.