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HVAC Zoning System Sacramento

The Zoned Thermal Equalizer two zone controller works with your heating and air conditioning system, and allows you to have two thermostats to independently control the temperature in two zones or areas of your residence. The operation of the ZTE is automatic and in most cases, its operation will be transparent to you and does not require any adjustment on your part.

You should think of your ZTE equipped HVAC system as being an independent system, each with its own thermostat.

Set each Zone Thermostat to the heat or cool mode and the temperature that you desire and the ZTE controller will automatically control your HVAC system to give you the desired temperatures.

The ZTE responds to the Zone Thermostats and how you have then set. Many thermostats are programmable. Be sure to consult your thermostat manual first if you have questions about system operations.

When you set both your thermostats to the same mode, i.e. heating or cooling, the ZTE is primarily controlling the electrically operated dampers to direct the airflow where the thermostats are asking for it. If you set your thermostats to different modes, i.e. one in heating and one cooling, then the ZTE switches the central HVAC systems between modes as required.

If the thermostats simultaneously call for both heating and cooling (which, of course, your single HVAC system can't do), then the ZTE will give priority to the heating call. When the thermostat is satisfied, the ZTE will automatically switch the HVAC system to the cooling mode to satisfy the other thermostat.

The ZTE has a built-in 5-minute delay for short cycle protection for your system's compressor. This prevents one thermostat from turning on the compressor just after it has completed a call from the other thermostat. You may notice a delay in system operation if this safety time delay is in progress.

Two Story, Single Story Application

In a typical single story residence the "zones" would be the living area as one zone and the sleeping area as the second zone. (This conforms to the California Title 24 energy code requirements for zoning credits.)

Two Zone, Two Story Application
In two story applications the "zones" are typically divided as upstairs and downstairs zones.


Due to the ability to direct all heating or cooling to either temperature zone, you will find that you can switch your system off when leaving home, with the knowledge that the system can recover rapidly in one zone when get home. This feature can also be used to cool the occupied zone comfortably, even when outdoor temperatures greatly exceed the conditions for which the system was designed.

HVAC Zoning
HVAC Zoning System
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