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Heating Service in Carmichael, CA

For heating service in Carmichael, CA Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc is the company you can trust. With Air Now's heating services in Carmichael, you can expect fast and affordable furnace repair. From installation to tune ups, our technicians are knowledgeable. We provide high quality heating products and heating services in Carmichael.

Furnace Replacement & Installation in Carmichael, CA

Replacing an old furnace involves a lot more than sliding out the old furnace, and installing the new. A lot of times there are changes that must be made to satisfy factory specifications for the new equipment. As always, Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc takes these specifications into account, and performs the furnace installation the right way. This protects your investment in the new equipment, and ensure reliable, efficient performance. Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc provides quality furnace replacement & new installation.

Furnace Repair in Carmichael

Furnace repairs never come at a good time. Mostly they are unexpected and on the coldest day. When you need furnace repair in Carmichael call Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We provide fast & quality furnace repair service in Carmichael. We're homeowners too, and we understand the importance of getting your heating system fixed quickly. Our technicians will assess the situation, and giving you the rock solid advice you need to make the right decision.

Quality Heating Services in Carmichael, CA
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When our old AC went out and the temp in our house was 90 plus degrees Air Now was the only company that responded quickly to our predicament. Within a day they had inspected the old unit, given us a fantastic quote for a new one, and had the new unit installed and up and running a few days later. Communication during the whole process was excellent. They were extremely professional and customer friendly. We can't thank them enough and we highly recommend them.
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Carmichael Heating

Furnace / Air Conditioner Installation
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We will match most installation & replacement quotes on identical equipment.

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Heating Service in Carmichael.
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HRV and ERV Ventilators

HRV and ERV Ventilators

If you're familiar with indoor air quality concerns, you know it's something worth paying attention to. As a local heating and air conditioning company, we love to help customers do more than simply stay at the right temperature. Having a healthy home is important. Many indoor air quality issues would diminish if we could just leave the windows and doors open all of the time. But that would obviously have a negative impact on comfort and utility bills! So what's the answer? A ventilator is worth considering. Ventilators integrate into your system, and exchange stale indoor air for fresh air from outside. But here's the cool part: a ventilator exchanges heat energy during the process. That means that the hit on comfort and utility bills drops significantly. An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) can also exchange humidity. Call us to learn more today!