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Heat Pump Installation in Rancho Cordova, CA

Heat pumps are a smart & energy-efficient choice for home owners looking for an affordable cooling and heating solution .

We are dedicated to providing you with all the advantages of a properly sized and expertly installed heat pump in Rancho Cordova, CA. Our customized systems and highly trained technicians ensure that you too can enjoy the efficiency and benefits of heat pumps.

At Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, we offer complete residential heat pump systems, installation, service and maintenance. Most residential heat pumps can be installed in a day and have the most extensive warranties on the market.

Air Now can accurately calculate the heating and cooling requirements of your new or existing home on a room-by- room basis to ensure maximum home comfort.

York Heat Pumps

Affinity™ Series

Affinity™ Series heat pumps offer higher energy efficiency than standard models - plus, an innovative QuietDrive™ Comfort System for very silent operation.

LX Series

LX Series heat pumps fit your needs and reduce your utility bills with verified quality that ensures reliable, all-season performance.

Comfort Advantages

Raise your comfort level with our premium split system heat pump technology.

  • Advanced compressor design satisfies the degree of comfort you need.
  • QuietDrive™ Sound Reduction system includes swept wing fan, sound enclosure and composite base.
  • Get precise temperature control for ultimate comfort.

Save energy with a high-efficiency model.

  • High efficiency models up to 20 SEER and 11.0 HSPF deliver year-around cooling and heating comfort for less money.
  • Use the Affinity™ Hx™ Touch-screen Thermostat for greater control, more even temperatures, energy savings and heat pump efficiency.

Feel confident with built-in protections and certified safeties.

  • No annual maintenance needed on permanently lubricated fan motor bearings.
  • Withstands weather with finish that is 33% more durable than conventional powder-paint finishes.
  • Demand defrost assures complete defrost and energy efficient operation.
As a general contractor I've used these guys for over six years. They deliver the professionalism I require, and are very knowledgeable when we run into "unique" situations. If there are every any problems that arise during a project, they are dealt with immediately. I would recommend them to anyone.
P. Robbins
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Heat Pump Installation

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