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Folsom Air Conditioning Repair Service

Other Folsom area HVAC companies may talk about their goals of 100% customer satisfaction, but Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc makes it a part of our every day practice. Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc offers Folsom customers the best air conditioning, heating, cooling and indoor air quality services around - you can count on that! Our experienced HVAC technicians and service reps understand that each customer situation is unique. We provide solutions for Folsom air conditioning equipment that will meet your specific requirements, and we specialize in environmentally friendly HVAC products like hybrid systems and heat pumps.

Some cooling systems are older models, and upgrading to new equipment will offer substantial savings on energy bills. If you have an air conditioner that is older just ask us for a FREE Estimate, and we will come out to inspect your setup and let you know what options would be perfect for your specific needs!

Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc's HVAC services in Folsom include repair,service, maintenance and installation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (916) 332-7300. If you would like to schedule service online, just visit our contact page. Thank you for your interest in Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, a Folsom Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor who is ready to help you!

Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom, California

Are you looking for air conditioning repair service, replacement, installation or AC maintenance in Folsom,CA? We provide only the best full service air conditioning talent in Folsom and have air conditioning technicians located all over Folsom and it’s suburbs. Having this vast network of Folsom air conditioning technicians and contractors allows us to provide our customers a convenient, (in most cases) same-day service and often times will be to your home within an hour or two.

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Air Conditioning Repair Folsom

Looking for a reliable and affordable air conditioning repair company in Folsom, CA? Call us at (916) 332-7300 for air conditioning repair by air conditioning repair technicians.

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Folsom Air Conditioning Repair
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Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom.
Extremely delighted with the service! Kirk was very comprehensive in evaluating my AC and it's components. He even educated me on how the systems and components worked which is extremely valuable knowledge and demonstrates his years of experience and pride in his skill. Thank you for great customer service Kirk!
Chukwunenye N. - Folsom, CA
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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive HVAC Maintenance

Many homeowners miss out on the benefits of preventive heating and air conditioning maintenance. Does it mean their HVAC systems shut down and stop working immediately? No, an HVAC system that's not maintained can typically run for many years. The problem is that the system will have to run more to keep up with comfort demands. That means more wear and tear on equipment, and more energy usage, which obviously means higher utility bills. Preventive HVAC maintenance is a very cost effective way to keep utility bills down while protecting the life of your equipment. We're an HVAC company who offers preventive maintenance for any make and model of equipment.