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Air Conditioning Repair El Dorado Hills, CA

When it's so hot out that rock squirrels are bursting into flames while running across the yard, you'd better have a reliable cooling system protecting the comfort of your home. But what happens if on a blazing hot summer day your air conditioner coughs and sputters under the load? Who do you call for El Dorado Hills air conditioning repair? The answer is Air Now!

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Have you ever taken your car to a new mechanic, and been a little nervous about whether they were ripping you off? You should have the same fear about El Dorado Hills air conditioning repair companies. Some technicians don't have the experience required to make the right call on air conditioning repair needs. Too many homeowners fork over the cash for new equipment when they didn't need to. When you call Air Now for air conditioning repair in El Dorado Hills, this will not happen. We protect your time, comfort and money by fixing what really needs fixing the first time.

Why Choose Air Now?

Let's face it...the El Dorado Hills area has as many HVAC companies as we do cactus. So why choose Air Now over the rest? The reason is our passion for serving our customers. Sure, we have knowledge and industry experience, but those things are pointless if at our core, we're not committed to giving our customers the best. If you want a El Dorado Hills air conditioning repair company who does what they say they'll do, and who goes the extra mile for your home comfort, then call us today. You will not be disappointed!

Excellent service. I have used Air Now twice - once for my business and once for my home. Kirk was very knowledgeable about the fume hood at the lab and the HVAC unit at my house. He was able to reduce the noise from the fume hood and diagnose and repair the drip in the attic coming from the HVAC unit. In both cases, the problem was explained well, and the work done quickly, professionally, and for less than I expected. I highly recommend Air Now for both commercial and residential issues.

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Air Conditioning Repair El Dorado Hills, CA
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Ultraviolet Air Treatment

Ultraviolet Air Treatment

Indoor air quality is an important part of our job as a local HVAC company. There are many things that can contaminate the air inside, especially when doors and windows are kept shut during a hot summer season. Two air quality offenders are mold and bacteria, and these are introduced from a variety of sources. One place mold and bacteria can thrive is on the indoor coil. When the air conditioner runs, it chills refrigerant, and pumps that inside to the indoor coil. Warm air from the home is forced through the coil and cooled. As the air cools, water condensates on the coil. This dark, damp interior is a prime place for mold and bacteria to thrive. A UV lamp will destroy both surface and airborne mold and bacteria. This is a plus for air quality as well as cooling efficiency.
HVAC Design and Installation El Dorado Hills

A System Designed for You

A home comfort system is not like other appliances where you just research brands and then drive to the local hardware store and pick it up. To enjoy efficient, reliable home comfort, your system must be designed and installed by a pro. Every home is different, as is each budget and efficiency goals. Air Now designs comfort systems based on the unique needs of each customer. We make sure you invest in the right setup for your home, and we deliver a system that will serve you reliably for many years to come. Call us today at (916) 332-7300 for a free in home estimate.

Seasonal Tune-Ups El Dorado Hills

Seasonal Tune-Ups Matter

If you drive down to a local auto dealer and purchase a new car, there is one universal fact that is always the same. What is it? The vehicle manufacturer recommends maintenance for their product to maintain the rated MPG, and to avoid repair needs. Guess what? HVAC equipment manufacturers recommend the same thing. A seasonal tune-up will help protect your investment, and the size of your monthly utility bills. Air Now offers maintenance for any make and model of equipment. Let us help you avoid a 911 El Dorado Hills air conditioning repair call by keeping your system in check!