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Air Handlers Sacramento

So what is an air handler exactly? Do you need one? The answer is easy. If you have a furnace, then you don't need an air handler. If you heat with something besides a furnace, such as a heat pump or radiant heating system, then yes, you need an air handler.

What an Air Handler Does

An air handler is basically the combination of the indoor coil found in an evaporator coil, and the fan motor found in a furnace. When we're in the middle of a hot Rancho Cordova summer, the air conditioner relies on the fan motor and indoor coil to complete the cooling process.

Here's what happens: An air conditioner (or heat pump) pumps chilled refrigerant inside to the indoor coil, and the fan motor is used to pull warm air from the home and force it through the chilled coil.

Air Handler Efficiency

The right air handler can improve overall cooling efficiency by one or two SEER points. A UV lamp can be used to keep an air handler efficient by killing the mold that tries to grow in the dark, damp coil interior.

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