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Air Conditioner Repair in Placerville, CA

Don't sweat the heat on a hot summer day with an air conditioning problem! If your AC or heat pump is on the blink, who do you call for quality air conditioner service in the Placerville area? Air Now Heating and Air Conditioning is the answer! If you're after a company with experience who delivers service backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you've found the place!

Comfort Designed for You

Heating and air conditioning systems are not like other home appliances where you research a brand and model, buy it at the local hardware store and then plug it in. A lot more goes into home comfort systems because many products must be sized and installed to work together. Home ducting must be designed in the right way to enable the system to deliver efficient comfort. Failure to handle any area the right way can cost a lot of money. Air Now has the extensive industry experienced that sets us apart from the competition. We know HVAC inside and out, and we're a Placerville air conditioner company who designs solutions that meet the precise needs of your home, comfort and budgetary goals.

Don't Purchase Equipment You Don't Need

It's crazy how often we meet homeowners who were told to replace their equipment by another Placerville air conditioner company when that's not what was needed at all. Sometimes electronic board settings aren't set correctly on the outdoor unit. Sometimes the indoor coil just needs to be cleaned. Sometimes it's just a bad capacitor. When you call Air Now for your Placerville air conditioner service needs, you can rest assured that you're only going to spend the money you really need to spend to get your home comfortable again with reliable cooling.

As a general contractor I've used these guys for over six years. They deliver the professionalism I require, and are very knowledgeable when we run into "unique" situations. If there are every any problems that arise during a project, they are dealt with immediately. I would recommend them to anyone.
P. Robbins
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Air Conditioner Repair in Placerville, CA
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Air Conditioner installation for the greater Placerville, CA area

Placerville, CA Air Conditioning Installation

Above we talked about the importance of the design and installation of your air conditioning system. It's really the most important part of home comfort, period. With that said, the choice of equipment also matters. We've installed equipment from all of the leading manufacturers, so we know what works and what's worth the price tag. York® manufactures some air conditioners that meet an excellent price, efficiency and reliability combination. We're happy to include York as part of our home comfort solutions.