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AC Repair in Folsom, CA

Air conditioners and heat pumps can last a long time when they're installed right and maintained. But sometimes, an older unit will come to a complete stop on a hot summer day. When you need AC repair in Folsom, CA - call Air Now!

Air Now Heating and Air Conditioning understands that a broken air conditioning unit can cause your home or office to be very uncomfortable. With our AC repair in Folsom, CA we will have our experts out on the job to fix your air conditioning problem, no matter what brand it is. Our trucks are stocked to ensure that we are prepared to fix your air conditioner. Whether you are in need of an air conditioning installation or an air conditioning repair in Folsom, Air Now has experienced technicians to provide any air conditioning service in Folsom!

AC Tune Up in Folsom

Ensuring your system is ready to run this summer, a seasonal AC tune up in Folsom is performed by one of our experienced air conditioning technicians. Our AC tune up is a comprehensive tune up and our technicians take the time to explain in detail every component they will be working on, why it's important to maintain that component, and answer any questions you may have about your air conditioner itself. It's these kinds of great communications practices Air Now prides itself in. From checking the electrical components to simply cleaning the unit and making it shine inside and out again, the list of things we include in our AC tune up is long. From our Folsom AC tune up technicians, to our friendly office staff, will happily discusses everything with you at the end your call, so you can make informed decisions about your HVAC system moving forward.

Quality Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom

Have you ever been afraid of taking your car to a new mechanic? "Are they going to rip me off with bogus repair 'needs'?" you wonder. The fears are valid, and the same applies to the HVAC industry. Are we saying other AC repair companies in Folsom are out to get you? No, but we are here to tell you that the knowledge of your technician makes a huge difference in the size of your AC repair bill. All too often the wrong call is made on an air conditioning problem, and a homeowner spends money on equipment that wasn't needed. Air Now has the knowledge required to figure out what's truly going on, so your comfort and bank account are protected!

Family Owned Service

At our core, we're dedicated to our customers in every way. You'll notice this when you speak with our office staff, see the courtesy of our technicians, and enjoy the quality of our work. Whether you're calling us with a Folsom AC repair, preventive maintenance or new installation need, with Air Now you're in great hands!

Extremely delighted with the service! Kirk was very comprehensive in evaluating my AC and it's components. He even educated me on how the systems and components worked which is extremely valuable knowledge and demonstrates his years of experience and pride in his skill. Thank you for great customer service Kirk!
Chukwunenye N. - Folsom, CA
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AC Repair in Folsom
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AC Repair in Folsom, CA.
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Seasonal Tune-Ups Folsom, CA

Design and Installation

The most important aspect of home comfort is the design and installation of your system. Trust us on that. You can purchase the finest, most efficient equipment on the planet, but if things aren't sized and installed correctly, you will experience problems. What types of problems? Lost efficiency and reliability, not to mention comfort/performance issues. The great news is that with Air Now you get the best of both worlds. We do the work right, and build with quality equipment from trusted manufacturers.